How do I setup PRC Direct on my Mac?

1.  In your preferred browser go to PRC Direct, and click on Help in the top right hand corner.



2.  Click on Downloads or follow the link below to download the Mac InteleViewer Launcher.

3.  Click Mac InteleViewer Launcher to download it

4.  From Downloads, open the PRCDirectLaunchersOSX.dmg and drag the PACS URI Handler to Applications.  Close the PACS_URI_Handler box.


5.  If you need to install InteleViewer, click on Mac InteleViewer Installer from the Downloads page to download it.

6.  Ensure you have Finder open and moved to (say) the left hand side of the screen so that you can view it when you launch the InteleViewer installer.

7.  From Downloads, open the InteleViewer-4-17-1-Installer download and drag the InteleViewer icon to Applications in Finder.

8. Right click on InteleViewer in Applications and select the option Open. 

If this is the first time you have installed InteleViewer on your Mac, it is important you follow this step prior to viewing images via PRC Direct.

9. Once InteleViewer has successfully launched and you see the login page, close the application.  If you see a message saying there are no server bookmarks set up, ignore the message and close the application.

10. Create a shortcut in a desired location, e.g. Favorites, Desktop, etc. and log into PRC Direct.

11. Click on a visit number and click the View Images icon to ensure InteleViewer opens and images can be viewed.


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