How do I setup PRC Direct on my Mac?


PRC Direct setup involves:

  • Logging in to PRC Direct
  • Installing the OSX Launcher Installer from PRC Direct 
  • Installing Inteleviewer, download available from Perth Radiological Clinic web site (only required if not already installed)


1.  Logon to PRC Direct,

2.  Select Edit Profile from the drop down in the top right hand corner of the screen

3.  Click Download OSX Launcher Installer.

5.  From Downloads, open the PRCDirectLaunchersOSX.dmg and drag the PACS URI Handler to Applications


6.  Log out of PRC Direct using the Sign Out option

7.  To install Inteleviewer, go to

8.  Click on the Mac Inteleviewer Installer to download


9.  From Downloads, open the InteleViewer-4-12-1-P328.dmg and drag InteleViewer to Applications in Finder.

10. Select InteleViewer in Applications and select option to Open.
(You may need to edit Security settings to allow downloads from anywhere)

11. Once InteleViewer has successfully launched and you see the login page, close the application.

12. Log into PRC Direct and Create a shortcut in a desired location, e.g. Desktop

13. Click on a visit number and click the View Images icon to ensure Inteleviewer opens and images can be viewed.


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