How to use the Request Access Feature


If you have a patient who has had medical imaging performed at Perth Radiological Clinic, the ‘Request Access’ feature will grant you access to your patient’s prior examination(s), even if you did not refer the patient.


1.  Double Click on the PRC Direct shortcut on your desktop, or open a web browser and go to

2.  From the PRC Direct – Dashboard window, click [Request Access] for the Request Access window to appear.


3.  Enter the patient’s last name, first name and choose one identifier from the available options, e.g. their date of birth.

4.  Click [Find Results].

5.  Once PRC Direct has found a match, your patient’s prior examinations performed at Perth Radiological Clinic will be shown in the list. You can now select the result you wish to view.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, you must tick to declare that you are responsible for the patient’s medical care. Perth Radiological Clinic audits and provides access to patients’ previous examinations in accordance with Australian privacy legislation.

6.  Click [OK].

7.  You will be returned to the Transfer/Access Grants tab in the PRC Direct – Patient Search window to view your patient’s results.

NOTE: Although you must select a particular study, all other results will be available in the Patient Result History section of the report.

PLEASE NOTE: Perth Radiological Clinic stores patients’ imaging and results electronically, however on some occasions, prior examinations may not be accessible with PRC Direct.


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