How to transfer a patient's result to another clinician

The ‘Transfer Result’ feature allows clinicians to share patient results securely and instantly through PRC Direct. This document describes how to transfer a patient result to another clinician.


1.  Double Click on the PRC Direct shortcut on your desktop, or open a web browser and go to

2.  From the patient’s report, click [Transfer], or, from the Patient List window, select your patient and click [Transfer] and the Transfer Result window will appear.



3.  Enter the name of the clinician you wish to transfer your patient’s results to and press the [Search] button, or select a previous recipient already listed.

NOTE: You can only transfer a result to another clinician who is also using PRC Direct. If you cannot find the doctor you are searching for, please contact your Customer Relations Manager to arrange for access to PRC Direct.



4.  Once you have found the correct clinician, select the name and click on the arrow so the clinician(s) is now seen in the ‘Recipients’ (right-hand side) box.

NOTE: Multiple recipients can be added by repeating steps 3 and 4.


5.  You may add a note to the recipient which will appear when the recipient receives the results.


6.  Select [Transfer].


7.  The transfer is now complete and the results will now be accessible to the recipient. To view your Result Transfer history, please click on the [Manage Transfers] icon. 


8.  Please note the Transfer process does not send any alerts to the receiving clinician.
The transferred result will appear in their [Transfer/Access Grants] tab.


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