PRC Direct Downloads



Windows InteleViewer V 4.15 Installer 32-bit - 170MB

Windows InteleViewer V4.15 Installer 64-bit - 217MB

Windows InteleViewer V4.18 Installer 64-bit - 217MB

Windows InteleViewer Launcher - 519kb



InteleViewer installers:

Mac InteleViewer V4.7.1 Installer

Mac InteleViewer V4.9.1 Installer

Mac InteleViewer V4.12.1 Installer - 104MB

Mac InteleViewer V4.17.1 Installer - 170MB

Mac InteleViewer V4.18.1 Installer - 217MB


PRC InteleViewer Launcher:

Mac InteleViewer Launcher - 100kb



Java - 49MB (for OSX versions prior to Catalina - if required)

Java for Catalina 10.15  (for OSX Catalina - if required)


Other Files

Favicon.ico - The PRC logo used with Windows desktop shortcuts.
PRC_logo_for_Macs.jpg - The PRC logo used with Mac desktop shortcuts.
MultiUserMode.reg - registry update for Terminal Server installs of InteleViewer allowing multi-user access.



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