User Settings allows you to set up defaults for 3 separate areas:

  • Results
  • Reports
  • Email Alerts


To access Settings, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the page and select Settings from the drop down menu.



Turn status icons on the Dashboard results pages on or off.



Make your selections:

  • Print Report Text - print the report only
  • Print Worksheets - print worksheets
  • Print Key Images - print key images with the report
  • Select your preferred page layout


Add your email address to receive email notifications :

  • Outpatient results - notification of when your patient checks in to a clinic for the scan you referred them for.
    • Include group results - select if you are part of a group and want notifications for the whole group
    • Priorities only - only receive notifications for Priority results
  • Inpatient results - applicable if you have an hospital attached to your PRC Direct account
    • Priorities only - only receive notifications for Priority results
  • Transferred/Granted Access Results - notification of patient results transferred to you/your group, or where you/your group have requested access

Press the [Save] button when you have finished making changes to your selections.


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