Export DICOM


You can export DICOM data to any local or network directory, including removable USB keys. When you export DICOM data, you can choose to include a stand-alone version of the InteleViewer, which can be used to view the data.

To export DICOM data:

  1.  Launch InteleViewer via PRC Direct, View Images 

  2. Choose File > Export DICOM, or, File > Export DICOM (with InteleViewer)

  3. The Choose Location dialog appears where you can select the location of where the files are to be saved.
    Navigate to the required folder, or, create a new folder by typing in the new folder name after the text in the Folder name: field, example below shows create a new folder called Export Folder.  You will be asked to confirm to Create Folder.


  4. When the export process is complete, the Export Summary dialog lists information about the study that was saved


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